revolutionary minecraft bot

Spam bot

Join large amount of bots to a server, which can easily flood the chat.

Macro system

An advanced macro system which can accomplish difficult tasks with ease.

Smart movement

The bots can navigate difficult terrain without any problems.

Updated regulary

This minecraft bot is updated regulary, meaning new features are introduced often to keep it fresh.

Raid alerts plugin

Raid alerts is a powerful plugin, that allows you to detect explosions, withers, mobs, players near your base.

Shield aura plugin

Follows the player and kills anybody that gets into range of the bots.

Building Plugins

We have various building plugins: Cactus Farm Builder, Sand Printer and Area Filler.

Farming plugins

We have various farming plugins: Sugarcane Farmer, Crop Farmer, Netherwart Farmer, Tree Farmer

Area miner plugin

The bots group up and mine a specified area.

X-Ray plugin

Allows the bots to mine various ores automatically.

Multi Protocols

The bot supports the most recent protocols.
(1.8.*, 1.9.*. 1.10.*, 1.11.*, 1.12.*, 1.13.*, 1.14.*, 1.15.*)

Proxy system

The bot supports multiple proxy types.


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