1. We are NOT associated with Mojang, Microsoft or Minecraft.net and we are not representing them.
2. We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service at any time without notifying the users. The users have to keep themselves up to date about the latest version of the Terms of Service.
3. We are not held responsible for any misuse of our service.
4. You are not allowed to spam/abuse any functions of our service.
1. You are not allowed to decompile the application, if you do decompile it your license will be terminated.
2. You are not allowed to share/resell the application, if you do share the application your license will be terminated.
3. If you share viruses on the plugin website your license will be terminated.
4. You are not allowed to refund your money without our knowledge and acceptance. The money will be refunded only when the support investigates your case and deams it to be reasonable to refund your money.
5. The license is lifetime, however if our servers go down you will not be able to run the application for security reasons.
6. If you chargeback your money without the approval of the support your license will be terminated and a scam report will be opened.
7. If the application is stolen from you, you will be held responsible to what is done to the stolen files.
8. We are not responsible for the accounts you use on the bot.
9. We are not responsible on how you use the application.
10. Violating the terms of services of our partners (e.g.: TheAltening) with the use of MineBot will lead to termination of your license.
1. You must be over 18 and have the paypal account holders permission to purchase.
(Refunds can be provided to users that meet these requirements)
1. Requested a refund within 3 days of purchasing the application.
2. Your license is not banned/suspended.
3. The application has been not used at all or used on one computer.
4. The application has been opened less than 16 times.
5. You have not opened a chargeback on paypal.
(In some cases where you are unable to use our application due to hardware limitations, we may consider giving you a refund, even if you do not meet some requirements. If you attempt to open a chargeback dispute, even after the dispute is closed and no matter the outcome, we reserve the right to revoke your premium access and terminate the associated account.)